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The Man Who Shot Thomas Edison
A West of the Warlock Novel
-by Martin T. Ingham

Magic and technology battle for supremacy in the Wild West, and dark forces seek to exploit that rivalry to the detriment of society in this third installment of Ingham's "Fantasy Western" series!

Nevada 1882: At a time when modern technology is battling against magic and mysticism for supremacy over everyday life, famed innovator Thomas Edison comes to the burgeoning western town of Selwood to visit an old friend and showcase his inventions. His appearance stirs mixed emotions, as there are those who would see Edison’s genius extinguished for their own power and profit... and so the shot is taken!

Amidst this chaos, elven deputy Joella Talus finds herself confronted with a family crisis of epic proportions—her little sister's fate hangs in the balance as Mactus Sellius enacts a twisted endgame for personal prestige and petty revenge!

Meanwhile, the shooting of Thomas Edison brings Selwood to the breaking point, leaving warlock sheriff James Doliber and his dwarven deputy Ron Grimes at odds with two warring sides: magic versus anti-magic, both hell-bent on annihilating the other. It seems a new Civil War is brewing, yet beneath the surface lies the apparent cause for hostilities—a ex-Confederate sorcerer with questionable motives and allegiances. To survive the fracas, the lawmen of Selwood must fight to heal the rift between both factions, while uncovering the true intentions of those who would turn brother against brother in America.

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Released August 1, 2014!
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The Fantasy Western Returns:

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Official Publication Date: December 19, 2012

Peace is hard fought and short lived in the Wild West. Few know this better than the warlock sheriff James Doliber. Along with his unlikely deputies, the dwarf Boron Grimes and the elf Joella Grimes-Talus, he does what he can to keep the Nevada town of Selwood safe. But a long buried secret is about to come back to haunt Selwood, and with it comes death.

After a brutal massacre, Doliber and his allies have to face down this evil, but how can one face down the unknown? The origins of the creature stalking the desert are unknown, as is the master that directs it to kill. Forgotten truths masquerading as tall tales are their only clues, but will such legends be enough to save them from an unkillable beast?

The unrest in Selwood mirrors that which rages under the surface for its peacekeepers. Doliber struggles with a looming decision that will change his life forever, while Joella continues to hide within her sham marriage so Elvish Clan Law can't force her into a compromising situation. They'll have to conquer evil on all fronts if they wish to see another sunrise, because the curse of Selwood is back, and it demands blood!

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Magic in the Wild West!

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Original Release Date: September 16, 2011

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After killing the half-elf that murdered his brother, the dwarf Boron Grimes finds himself an unwilling deputy in the Nevada town of Selwood. The warlock sheriff James Doliber has bigger issues to worry about than his surly new employee, as a mysterious warlock in black has stolen an item of immense power. Doliber seeks answers from the warlock guild, but receives only vague half truths, confirming his fears that something dangerous is amiss that could have cataclysmic repercussions for the entire planet.

Deputy Grimes has his own troubles, as the widow of a bandit he's recently gunned down comes calling. Joella is a proud and strong elven woman, but it's not clear what she has in store for the Deputy. What is clear is that he'll be coming along, whether he wants to or not.

With their only assistance coming from mysterious new allies, Doliber and Grimes must face down enemies both physical and mystical. Usually the Deputy’s Remington revolver and the Sheriff’s warlock abilities are enough to win any fight, but this time the outcome is unsure. Defeat means death and destruction, but against a foe that possesses unparalleled abilities, can there be any victory?

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The Scifes Are Coming!
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Release Date: April 2010.

As science-worshipping totalitatians seek to overtake Mars, a defiant patriot stands alone against a corrupt system in THE GUNS OF MARS.

Morgan Asher never wanted to be part of the Martian colonization effort, but agrees to leave Earth for Mars to fulfill his wife's lifelong dream. After arriving on the Red Planet, Morgan discovers a sinister plot: Scientific Fundamentalists (Scifes) have infiltrated all levels of colonial society, and they hold a deadly weapon in their arsenal—one capable of rewriting a person's thoughts and desires.

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Out of time and out of luck, Morgan must find a way to expose the enemies of liberty before their conquest of Mars is complete.

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Explore the Paranormal:

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Release Date: 11-7-09.


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The Virtual Saga Continues!

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Released: 9-27-2009.

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A dark entity lurks within a virtual environment, and he's trying to get out. A sorceress hell-bent on revenge inadvertently pits herself against him in her own quest for vengeance, and a jaded hero finds himself caught in the middle of this epic struggle of bad versus evil in "Prisoner of Time."

Kindle Version

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Morgan Asher hates virtual reality. While billions of people waste their lives on computer-generated fantasies, he desires a real life, but he finds himself drawn into a sword and sorcery program in search of a lost lover he long believed to be dead. Entering the world of Fantasan, he quickly finds himself in over his head, pitted against xenophobic elves, dastardly pirates, and sword-wielding monks hell-bent on his destruction. It seems everyone is out to get him.

All the while, a trap is being set by a mad sorceress, Josie Johansen, a woman who blames Morgan for the death of her best friend. Josie intends to make Morgan a prisoner of time itself, exiling him to the distant future, yet everything changes when a mysterious demon reveals himself—for the fallen angel Haloran seeks to escape his simulated prison and enter the real world! To stop the ascendance of Satan-incarnate, Josie must set aside her personal feelings and cooperate with Morgan, but will she ever be willing to forgive him?

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Virtual Wiles:
A Novel by Martin T. Ingham

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In a future where humanity has lost its purpose, where people live their lives within virtual simulations, one man must challenge reality.

In a computer-generated world of Fantasy, where popular mythology and sword and sorcery come alive, Morgan Asher faces his own prejudices against virtual reality, while battling ruthless bandits and deceptive Mages in an attempt to free his cousin, who is trapped within the program. With the aid of program veteran Rheena Liszt, Morgan uncovers more about virtual reality than he ever believed possible, and is challenged with one of the greatest moral dilemmas in history, with the fate of two worlds in the balance.

When fiction becomes reality, the game grows deadly!
Join the adventure that is...
Virtual Wiles!

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Critical Acclaim For Virtual Wiles:

"With technology, magic, swordfights, shootouts, adventure of all kinds, and even a touch of love and theology, Virtual Wiles is a great read for any sci-fi or fantasy fan."
---Stephanie Johnson.

"Ingham has created a magnificent journey that left me fulfilled at the end—but still wanting more."
---Jeremy Twigg.

"There are several times in the story where you just don't know what's going to happen next, and others where you are really thrown for a loop."
---James Ward.

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Assassination of Fate:
A cop from the 31st century must hunt down a time-traveling randomite who threatens to erase his future from existence.

Adversary, Fare Thee Well:
An Epilogue to "Prisoner of Time," which was dropped from the book. Only available to read online!

Death On Planet Zongo:
A comedy of bureaucracy. It never stops raining!

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